About us.

Hello! We are Joost, Cat, and Neptune (AKA Juice Bus Family).

We started JuiceSee in the summer of 2021, during the Pandemic, as a way to support health and healing in ourselves and in the community NOW, when we all felt a lot of uncertainty about the future. It started by slinging juices and smoothies from our friend's porch in the Bywater, and then, later, a hand-built bicycle trailer. 


Thanks to everyone who enjoyed our juices, we are closing out 2022 with over 12,000 juices pressed, bottled and delivered.

We never thought this kind of success would be possible our first full-year in business! We are grateful for ALL of the positive feedback we have received. It has always kept us pushing forward! It is truly such a blessing to be given the opportunity to serve the community in this way. And we only plan to give (and grow) more!


They are mixed to perfection, emphasizing the health supportive qualities of the plants we use AND carefully balanced from a culinary standpoint, so your taste buds enjoy them just as much as your body.


We are so grateful for everyone who has supported us so far! This is only the beginning. We have our sights set on regional distribution. But, for now, you all have made it possible for us to invest in a Juice Truck, which will be rolling Summer 2023. Get Ready!